CoBReG Newsletter January 2020

Convention of Biomedical Research Ghana


January 2020

Happy New Year!!!

Wishing all CoBReG members a Happy New Year

A happy new year to all our members and supporters. 2020 promises to be an exciting year and we’re looking forward to working with you all – as individuals, organizations, and experts. We are truly grateful to all who have supported the efforts of CoBReG in various ways over the last decade. To our pioneers who relentlessly insisted on excellence, our dedicated members who availed themselves to take up board positions and help move CoBReG forward over the years, all our delegates who have attended our annual conference and shared their wonderful research, and our sponsors who continue to support us towards our common goal, we thank you all and wish you all the best in the new year.

We are very proud to be in the privileged position to lead dialogue on biomedical research in West Africa and through the dedication and hard work of countless individuals and organizations, CoBReG is continuing this excellent work. Advances in biomedical research are of eminent importance particularly in the West African region and as such the need, and will, for co-operation is growing. Our goal is to grow our network of biomedical research across the globe and work together on the best solutions to usher in a new era of biomedical research.

We hope you will all join us in looking forward to the coming year and on behalf of the president and board members, we wish you and your family a Prosperous New Year 2020.

Upcoming Events

Live Webinar (Free)

An Integrated Formulation and Systems Approach to Targeting Tumor Resistance

Tuesday, January 28th, 12:30 pm GMT

Speaker: Terrick Andey, PhD

Cancer stem cells (CSCs) and dynamic re-wiring of oncogenic signaling networks are hallmarks of cancer that present with opportunities to promote long-term therapeutic success. This presentation will explore a systems biology approach to the identification and targeting of drivers of oncogenic signaling and tumor resistance and the leveraging of translationally relevant formulation drug design to promote a cure.


5 Day Workshop (CPD eligible)

Skills for Excellence In Science Series (SEXISS)

Concepts and Applications of Clinical Pharmacokinetics (ClinPK) 2020

Monday – Friday, January 27 – 31, 2020

ClinPK is an intensive workshop on the basic concepts and real-life pharmaceutical, clinical and research applications of pharmacokinetics for pharmacists, food and drug regulatory authorities, medical, bio-medical and other health practitioners, graduate students, and early-mid career scientists. ClinPK covers the basic concepts of pharmacometrics, physiological aspects of drug absorption, distribution and elimination, clearance concepts in pharmacokinetics, bioavailability among others.


Kindly send us any info you may have on funding opportunities, meetings, workshops and/or conferences, so we can share on our CoBReG platforms. Additionally, if you are recruiting/hiring, we are more than happy to advertise it on our website and in the newsletter.