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There are several opportunities for members to volunteer in COBREG activities.

If you would like to participate in any COBREG organized event. Feel free to contact us at

Volunteers at COBREG

Tips for volunteering

  1. Identify what you can offer: There are several opportunities to volunteer and everyone is welcome to participate. Your volunteer role could involve the skills you’ve gained in the workplace, through other volunteer work or through your hobbies and interests.
  2. Think about your motivations: There may be skills you would like to learn, experience working in a certain field, or perhaps you simply want to give back to your community? Think carefully about why you want to volunteer and look for the roles which are likely to satisfy these needs.
  3. Explore new opportunities: Discover the range of opportunities you might be able to help with. Be adventurous and think about working with groups that you’ve never considered before, as new experiences can be some of the most rewarding!
  4. Balance your time commitments: Canceling at the last minute for an event or not covering responsibilities that you committed to can have a negative impact on the organization you’re volunteering with.
  5. Communicate effectively: Once you get confirmation that you have been accepted as a volunteer, organize a meeting with the group or a representative, either in person or on the phone. Make sure you ask questions so you’re clear on what your role entails, and make sure you maintain good communication with the group throughout your involvement.
  6. Keep in touch: Feedback to the group and wider organization on how your experience is going. Let them know what you’re enjoying and whether you’ve had any issues or concerns.

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