Volunteer with cobreg

We are looking for volunteers who will take on a wide range of roles, including planning and facilitating public event programmes and engaging members of cobreg.

We believe that volunteers have a lot to offer and are the best people to connect locally. These opportunities will enable volunteers to share their enthusiasm for science, education and development; topics we know inspire passion in many people.

We offer a diversity of volunteer roles, and you don’t have to be a scientist or a member of cobreg to volunteer with us. Please read our tips on volunteering to help you decide how best you can help.

Feel free to contact any of our local chapters to find the role that’s right for you or email for more information.


Volunteer at events

Through our local chapters

Our local chapters on various campuses organize several events each year, and always need help with ideas, marketing and logistics. These events include workshops, seminars, short courses, career and science fairs.

Find your local chapter at any of the major universities in Ghana.


Support our education work

Join our student network

If you are a student or young professional, you can join our student network or volunteer to engage our youth membership. We need your voice and ideas to nurture the future of Science in Africa. Interested people are encouraged to nominate themselves for this volunteer opportunity. To find out more email

Become a mentor for students

There are opportunities for professionals to mentor young people within cobreg. Would you like to give an inspiring talk or get hands on with a student-network activity or offer a short work placement for a young person? We welcome professionals from both industry and academia, and even graduate students to take advantage of this volunteer opportunity. Contact us at to find out more.

Educators: help improve our education work

If you are an expert or educator in any of the divisions or subject areas covered at the annual convention, we would like your ideas and feedback on the various subject matters to help us improve. Volunteers will be encouraged to lead discussions at the conference and help improve our education network.


Advise us on the latest science

The cobreg is comprised of university academics and industry professionals, and covers a wide variety of science subjects. We are looking for people to help plan and run events during the GBC and to advise cobreg on developments in their fields. Subject areas include but are not limited to

Biochemistry, Biophysics & Molecular Biology Pharmacology & Toxicology
Biological & Biomedical Sciences (Other) Physiology & Pathology Sciences
Biomathematics & Bioinformatics Dietetics and human nutrition
Biotechnology Disability studies
Botany/Plant Biology Education and outreach
Cell Biology & Anatomical Sciences Microbiological Sciences & Immunology
Ecology, Evolution & Systematics Biology Neurobiology & Neurosciences
General Biology Genetics


Contact us at for more information