President’s Welcome Note

Hello and welcome!

The GBC is an organization that prides itself in embracing Scientists from Ghana and beyond who have a passion for national development and promoting the health of all. GBC is a group of Nutritionists, Medics, Pharmacists, Biomedical Scientist, Immunologists, Parasitologists, Medical Geneticists, Teachers, Quality Control Specialists amongst other related professions who, for the past 11 years have dedicated themselves to promoting awareness and enhancing knowledge on several health related topics as a means of influencing policy. We have over the years shared different aspects of our work and research through oral and poster presentations at our annual meetings and organized key workshops and symposia aimed at upgrading research skills, especially for graduate students. We also pride ourselves that we make our meetings highly accessible to students by subsidizing the student rates and also by rotating the conference venue amongst public university campuses that has so far spanned four different regions of Ghana. We have a wide network of specialists who are amenable to collaborating with other professionals as well as mentoring students. We also have a large constituent of student members who have a lot of amazing experiences to share with fellow students.

Come join us and let us together find the solutions to problems that are hampering national development and contribute to the health of society through the application of science, technology and innovation to address health challenges.

Linda Eva Amoah, PhD

(CoBReG President)