President’s Welcome Note

Hello and welcome!

The Convention for Biomedical Research Ghana (CoBReG) was formed in 2007 and launched its first conference in Ghana in 2008. It was formed by seasoned researchers, teachers and healthcare professionals both within and outside Africa. CoBReG’s main focus is to bring biomedical research scientists around the globe together for the purpose of promoting and conducting innovative research to benefit the African continent. In the past ten years we have seen tremendous progress and a transformation in innovative biomedical research training through conferences, workshops and student mentorship activities. Our scientists are also dedicated to promoting biomedical science in Ghana to improve public health. The conferences and workshops are carefully coordinated and run in several academic institutions in Ghana. The annual meeting continues to produce a range of capacity building and educational initiatives designed to increase the proportion of researchers in Ghana engaged in the global biomedical research enterprise. This is achieved through the advice of endowed Board Members, Scientists and Students Volunteers. Our support base is friends of the Organization, loyal sponsors around the globe including the Ghana Biomedical Research Network (GBRN), a sister organization located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

We are very grateful to you for taking the time to visit our website.

Mohamed Mutocheluh, PhD,

(CoBReG President)